Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lake Forest, CA

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lake Forest, CA

Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth and are the last set of teeth to erupt. Wisdom teeth often emerge like any other teeth, but in some instances, they tend to develop a painful condition due to getting stuck in the socket of the jawbone. Such a condition is called impacted wisdom teeth, and the best way to get it treated is by extracting the tooth completely.

Why do wisdom teeth get impacted?

The exact reason for impaction may not be easy to determine. Some of the most common causes of the concern are:

• External trauma to the mouth

• Heredity

• Inheriting jaw size from one parent and tooth size from another, leading to smaller sockets and bigger teeth

• Improper growth of the jawbone

• Malocclusion

What are the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth?

• Severe pain when you bite and chew food

• Higher risk of developing an infection

• Bone deterioration

• Damage to the adjoining teeth and the underlying jawbone

How are impacted wisdom teeth treated?

The dentist will thoroughly screen the impacted tooth and understand its severity. If the condition can be treated using medication to get rid of the infection, we will consider it and prescribe the necessary dosages. But, if the impaction is complicated and can’t be treated, we will have to extract it entirely from the mouth.

We will administer local anesthesia to numb the oral tissues. Next, the dentist will grip the tooth firmly using forceps and shake it firmly to loosen it from the surrounding tissues and socket. Once it is loose enough, we will extract it in one firm motion. In case the tooth is impacted in an awkward position, such as at an inclined angle or touching the adjoining teeth, we may have to section it into smaller fragments and extract them individually.

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