Tips to Take Care of Teeth This Winter Holidays

Tips to Take Care of Teeth This Winter Holidays

Posted by DENTAL MAGIC OC & BRACES on Dec 18 2022, 10:54 PM

Winter holidays and celebrations are around the corner. It is that time of the year again when everyone is busy making holiday plans. Whether you are planning to visit your distant relatives or trying to plan out a holiday trip, the holiday season is always full of excitement and fun. Here are a few tips to have a healthy smile for the coming year:

Don’t Use Your Teeth as an Instrument

Using your teeth as tools can be detrimental to your oral health. While it is easy enough to pop open a soda bottle with your teeth, it can be quite destructive in the long run. Many types of pop bottles are lined with BPA, which can eat away at the enamel on your teeth and cause cavities and discoloration. Additionally, biting down on ice cubes can put a lot of stress on your teeth. The hard surface of the ice can cause tiny cracks in the surface of your teeth that can get larger over time and lead to more serious problems such as tooth decay or fractures. Try using other utensils to open containers, such as forks, spoons, or twist-off caps.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

Although it can be tempting to snack on sugary snacks when celebrating with family and friends, it is best to avoid snacking on them if possible. Instead, opt for healthy alternatives like cheese or nuts. These foods will not negatively affect your teeth and will help keep you from consuming too many carbohydrates and sugars.If you do consume candy this holiday season, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water as soon as possible to prevent cavities. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily as well. These steps will help prevent food from getting stuck between teeth and prevent decay from occurring in the first place.

Don’t Forget to Brush & Floss!

Remember that any sugary or starchy foods you eat can lead to tooth decay by feeding the bacteria present in the mouth. Remember to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day to clean between the teeth and below the gum line. When visiting family or traveling for the holidays, pack your toothbrush and floss, so you don’t forget to keep up with your oral health routine. Also, when traveling, consider carrying a travel-sized tube of toothpaste in your carry-on bag so you can brush your teeth after a meal or snack on the go.

Get Your Smile Ready for the Holiday Party Season

In addition to maintaining your daily oral care habits, it’s also important to be sure you keep your smile looking its best and brightest this season. Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning and checkup before the holidays begin to make sure you look great for all the family photos you plan to take this holiday season. Your dentist can also help you determine if there are areas you’ve been neglecting in your regular oral health care regimen. 

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