Root Canal Therapy

Helping Save Smiles in Lake Forest

Those experiencing painful toothaches or dental infection, or that have received an oral-related injury can take advantage of the comprehensive endodontic treatment designed to alleviate these issues provided by Dr. Sandra Rodriguez.

At Dental Magic OC, our leading dentist, Dr. Rodriguez offers root canal therapy as a means to try and save as much natural tooth structure as possible and performs extractions for unsalvageable teeth to preserve your overall oral health and well-being.

With over 20 years in the field of dental care, Dr. Sandra and her team are committed to providing patients with quality restorative dentistry in Lake Forest and throughout Orange County.

Compassionate Root Canal Therapy

Each tooth has a multitude of layers, consisting of the outer protective enamel, the dentin, and the innermost chamber called the pulp. The pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissues, blood vessels, and soft tissue that are all essential for proper tooth development. Whether due to advanced decay, injury, or infection, the pulp can become inflamed, jeopardizing the integrity of the tooth.

To recommend root canal therapy as the best course of action, Dr. Rodriguez and her team must first determine if the affected tooth is savable. As your leading dental care providers, our top priority is to always save as much of the tooth’s structure through conservative methods first.

New and existing patients visiting Dental Magic OC in need of root canal therapy can have complete confidence in their care. Although this procedure tends to have a negative reputation, the truth is this form of endodontic treatment is intended to alleviate discomfort and reduce pain. We perform root canal therapy to successfully rescue severely damaged teeth, restore proper function, and keep your natural smile intact.

Performing Gentle Tooth Extractions

For wisdom teeth that have started to grow out of alignment with the rest of the smile, that is impacted, or for teeth that have been determined to be past the point of saving by root canal therapy, Dr. Sandra performs extractions to preserve long-lasting oral health.

Overcrowding due to impacted teeth can lead to cavities and more severe dental complications in the future. During our examination, digital x-rays are taken by our team to allow Dr. Rodriguez to develop an accurate treatment plan for your unique tooth-removal needs. We work harmoniously to ensure your extraction procedure is effective while focusing on your absolute comfort.

What You Can Expect from Your Endodontic Treatment at Dental Magic OC

Endodontic treatment is designed and administered to alleviate pain, not add to it. At Dental Magic OC, we educate patients on the importance of restorative dentistry and that there is nothing to fear.

Once a detailed examination is conducted, our team discusses your specific needs and concerns and walks you through every aspect of your procedure. We ensure with each treatment that the treated areas are thoroughly numbed, relieving any anxiety and maximizing comfort.

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Part of the negative stigma around root canal therapy and extractions hail from the assumption that they are painful; however, this is surely not the case when receiving treatment from Dental Magic OC!

If you or a loved one are experiencing tooth pain, discomfort, or sensitivity to hold and cold temperatures, we encourage you to contact Dr. Sandra Rodriguez and her team to help restore your smile!


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