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Tooth Extraction in Lake Forest

Remove Damage Teeth to Protect Your Health

Are you experiencing pain and complications from cracked, decayed, crooked, or infected teeth? If so, extraction may be the appropriate procedure! Our tooth extraction services at Dental Magic OC can help eliminate discomfort, restore a healthy smile, and even allow you to move forward with other forms of dental treatment. Our Lake Forest dentist has all the experience, knowledge, and tools to effectively extract teeth and give you the benefits that this brings!

Tooth extraction can be extremely effective for patients who have:

  • Teeth that are severely decayed or infected, and cannot be fixed
  • Teeth that have been broken or fractured by an accident
  • Severe gum disease that may affect their bone structure
  • Crooked teeth
  • Not enough room for wisdom teeth at the back of their mouth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Teeth that are inappropriately positioned in their mouth

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