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Composite Tooth Fillings

A Natural-Looking Way to Restore Teeth

Using a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture, composite fillings are designed to restore decayed teeth and improve the overall cosmetic appearance of your smile by changing the color or reshaping them. If you are having issues with decaying teeth and want to restore them, this procedure may be the perfect solution. Our Lake Forest dentist at Dental Magic OC is highly experienced in placing composite fillings and can help you enjoy a healthy, natural, and more youthful smile once again!

Some of the benefits of composite fillings include:

  • A natural color that is nearly identical to that of the actual tooth
  • Great support of the remaining tooth structure, preventing breakages
  • Insulates the tooth from excessive temperature changes

If you are considering composite fillings as a dental option, call us at (949) 916-8922 to learn how our Lake Forest dentist’s office can help!

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